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  • Grill Solution in India
    Grill Solution in India
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    Realedge Grill Solution in India


    Real Edge is rolled from superior quality billets produced at SRMB’s own plant to ensure consistent quality. All billets are cast from superior quality ore.

    The billets are tested to maintain the certified composition of Carbon, Sulphur & Phosphorus in the MS sections which makes it the best choice for fabrication.

    Made from 100% Billets Highest quality precision as it is free from structural defects & fins. Structural uniformity makes it safest for fabricators to work with & provides best protection.
    Manufactured in block mill rollers with automated cooling bed Guarantees perfect shape, superb finish, smooth edges, uniform thickness, flat ends & uniform length of 6 metres in the RealEdge steel sections. It also provides greater malleabiltity for fabrication & perfect finish after welding which helps to produce superior designs.
    The most economical choice for grill fabricators for its uniform length & defect free structure, which ensures minimum wastage & diminished labor cost as there is no need for grinding or hammering.
    BIS License We hold the BIS license IS 2062:2011 for structural products and IS 7452:1990 for Z Angle (F7D, Hot Rolled Section for Doors, Windows & Ventilators).
    ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & OHSAS 18001:2007 certifcationed Generates trust, promotes credibility & ascertains the promise of superior quality.

    The walking type automated cooling bed promotes faster production ensures that the products are properly straightened by eliminating the defects that may arise due to manhandling.

    Using advanced European Technology & establishes highest precision in the MS Flats (ISF) & Square bars (ISSQ) conforming to IS 1730:1989 and IS 1732:1989 specifications. The Real Grill steel sections also conforms to IS 2062:2011 specifications for weld-convenient & economical choice for fabricators.

    SRMB group is the pioneer in using 100% automated Block mill fitted with tungsten carbide rollers, enabling them to produce grill sections with perfect shape, uniform thickness equal standard length of 6 meters.

  • Grill Solution in India
    Grill Solution in India
    Grill Solution in India
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    SRMB Srijan Pvt Ltd has come up with the "Your Grill Your Style" concept. The greater malleability for fabrication makes it easy for you to turn ideas into reality as you design your dream home or office. The design of the grill will showcase your creative inner-self. Interestingly, the designer booklet includes innovative and marvelous ideas for grill designs. No longer do you have to depend on cliché designs as you determine the aesthetics of your property.

    A deep understanding of the market dynamics has made it possible for us to come up with the unique idea of REALEDGE, a one of its kind retail concept. We have walked an extra mile to ensure that this product mix serves you the best.

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